The University of Leicester has partnered with Enroly to provide free visa and enrolment support to friends of Leicester students 

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Whether your friend wants to go to the University of Leicester or another university, they can take advantage of free support from Enroly.   

Enroly's network of official university representatives provide local support to students in over 53 countries around the world.    

We send students to the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and more.  

Enroly is a registered UCAS centre

Receive a £200 reward if your friend enrols with the help of Enroly

What if my friend wants to go somewhere else?

I wish I had the support of Enroly when I was looking to study overseas!

I referred my friend in Colombia, she wants to go to Canada.

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Enroly support is: Funded by universities Free for students

Refer a friend to Leicester

We put students first 

You can feel assured that every student you refer will be given the right assistance to reach their specific study goal. 

We look forward to giving your friends a safe and trouble free enrolment experience.

My friend is not sure where they want to study

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Enroly takes the anxiety out of overseas study

Refer a Friend to the University of Leicester 

Your friend will receive free visa and application support from an official representative of the University of Leicester

No matter how far through the enrolment process your friend is, Enroly can help